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2022 Pennant Season has been CANCELLED

Unfortunately it will not be possible to hold WGNR Pennant this year as we require a minimum of four teams in a division to have a competition. With so many Clubs not having a full course in operation as well as some restriction of carts on the course and most Clubs saying any further rain would further make play problematical the decision needed to be made to not play Pennant this year.

The Executive also felt that starting a new format for Pennant it would be fairer to be able to assess the success of the competition based on the participation of all teams.


2021 Pennant season will commence on Monday, 3rd May.

Information for team contacts etc is to be sent to Carmel Atkinson by March 26th – form attached. Information Form Pennant 2021

Conditions of Play are attached. Conditions of Play Pennant 2021

2021 Pennant Draws

North Zone – Division 1

North Zone – Division 2

South Zone – Division 1

South Zone – Division 2

Result Sheet (to be completed once all matches are completed)

Team Form (to be completed prior to play and handed to the Host Club Representative)

Club Contacts and Lunch Information  North Zone   South Zone


District Final to be played at Woodburn Evans Head on 7th June

2021 Pennant Final Results

The finals of Grade 1 and Grade 2 Women’s Golf Northern Rivers Pennant matches was hosted by the ladies of Woodburn Evans Head Golf course on Monday 7th June who provided wonderful hospitality and excellent organization.


Grade 1 Coolangatta Tweed Heads defeated Maclean 10 points to 0 points

Grade 2 Coolangatta Tweed Heads defeated Grafton 9 points to 1 point.

Final scores while appearing one sided were hard fought and some matches only being won on the 18th hole.

Well done, Coolangatta/Tweed

Grade 1 Coolangatta Tweed Heads Team Winners

Coolangatta Tweed Heads Grade 1 Winners

Bev Prosser, Di Hutchesson, Pam Ford, Di Frankland, Shane Walker

Reserves not shown Linda Wright, Julie Costelloe, Jane Patch

Grade 2 Coolangatta Tweed Heads Team Winners

Coolangatta Tweed Heads Grade 2 Winners

Gladys Wilson, Helen Fletcher, Rhonda Martin, Chris Foyle, Susan Stewart

Reserves not shown Maureen Thearle, Sue Nelson, Julian Coker.